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Csoft is over a decade young company started by technical entrepreneurs having ambition and vision. The company started in a humble way with development of customized software, much like an ERP, for the Publishing industry. Based on providing excellent service to the customers Csoft achieved considerable business success and in a span of a few years several top publishers hired Csoft as their Software Consultants on a yearly Retainership basis, which was a result of trust, confidence and expertise.

Along with Software Services, Csoft also added Web Services to its portfolio and provides single window service in all Web related activities including Development of Static and Dynamic Websites, Web Portals, Domain Space, Domain Registration etc. Csoft is now maintaining web portals of many companies on a yearly retainership basis.

Csoft delivers to its customers high quality work in the shortest possible time and service with a smile.

Csoft is now involved in a wide spectrum of allied activities as listed above.

Csoft can boast of a large number of Specialized Consultants in different fields on board and a big dedicated team of programmers and developers to help them to achieve their goals.

Today Csoft provides a COMPLETE BUSINESS SOLUTION through their dedicated Divisions.



We specialize in Tailored Business Applications & Web Applications which results in a mini-ERP like system. Also we have expertise in Internet Services like Web Site Design, Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration and Flash Presentations. We also help to market your company/website by Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SMS Marketing, E-Brochures and Newsletters.

Website Development

We have expertise in Internet Services like Website Design, Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration and Flash Presentations.

Customer Support

C-SOFT is a dedicated team of software professionals having vast experience in the field of Information Technology Solutions.

CMS Development

We specialize in Tailored Business Applications & Web Applications which results in a mini-ERP like system.

Search Engine

We also help to market your company/website by Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SMS Marketing, E-Brochures and Newsletters.

Frequently Ask Questions

Today C-SOFT Consultants provides a COMPLETE BUSINESS SOLUTION through their dedicated Divisions.

What are the options for a company wanting to deploy large software systems?

Buy a readymade product (canned software) and try to adjust your organization's work according to it; and after sometime when it becomes painful, scrap it and start all over again with enormous loss.

Visualise and create specifications document and get system delivered in a few months by programmers and live with it. (rarely, a complete visualisation is possible and the fool-proof documentation is time consuming and a pain. involved in house team has to be well versed in both business processes, computers and data security aspects and so on ).

Have a reputed software house with in-depth knowledge of your kind of business -- "a business consultant cum software developer" -- as partner in progress who takes care of all the needs in an ongoing basis.

This is where c-soft excels and beats every-other mode of solution; with its 14 years of association with leaders of publishing and distribution in India virtually as their own software and services provider.

Why C-SOFT's Systems are so Successful and Users More than Satisfied ? What is the SECRET?

With Retainership approach, the client does not have to pay every time he want a change, improvements in the software thru which the user, company, client or supplier can benefit. It could be additional MIS, new feature to take care of changing business scenario etc.

Normally for software changes, the change specifications are documented, quotations are asked, processed / negotiated, sanction is sought, money is allocated, order is placed with advance money and then the software modifications start with a great delay.

More often than not, due to this long formal process of chasing it thru various stages, the originator of even a small bright idea thinks twice and the useful idea dies down or is postponed inordinately until a large number of such changes are collected and one big chunk of order is placed. The result is system remains obsolete and users suffering & cribbing about it.

In C-SOFT's Retainership Approach all this red tape is completely 'eliminated'. Retainership fee covers all such software changes from time to time. Every user is encouraged to pool in bright ideas to make the system 'perfect'. All such changes are readily incorporated. The CSOFT's SYSTEM ever remains 'young' and quickly responding to users and business needs. This is the secret of happiness of our clients ... And that's how they have retained us as their 'own employees' for as many as 14 years. They have happily learnt that there cannot be a better or more economical solution than CSOFT's Retainership.

What is C-SOFT's RETAINERSHIP Approach?

Instead of one time hefty payment for the expensive software systems; for a monthly retainership fee, C-SOFT's experts collaborate with the client organisation to find best solutions and take full responsibility of the success of its implementation. The tasks undertaken are :
• study,
• analysis,
• development of software and procedures,
• implementation
• testing and make it successfully running system
• user training.
• provide support via - telephone, email, internet telephony(skype), helpdesk on the web …
• virtually become a part of your organisation to take care of the users' requests and software systems

What are other BENEFITS of C-SOFT's Retainership?

Apart from the well-tested software modules, finely tuned procedures and practices evolved over 14 years in association with eminent clients ( MNC and Domestic Companies), C-SOFT has perfected the art and technology of providing world-class software services. The result is maximum satisfaction of user and their client's; optimum productivity at each user's end.

With continued relationship, C-SOFT becomes a knowledge bank for the client. The client can get all assistance in case of programmers, IT personnel become unavailable due to any reason or leave the organisation. Hence damage due to sudden turnover can be minimised.


What are benefits from C-SOFT's long standing with a
specific Industry / Business?

As you know, C-SOFT is an established name for providing software and services to Publishing and Distribution Houses.

There is "No posing that since I know programming, I can develop a worthwhile system without the in-depth knowledge and experience of YOUR business".

No serious business house can take the risk of trying it out with a vendor who promises that. CSOFT has both - the in-depth experience of this industry and of creating and maintaining world-class software system. This is an era of specialists - to have the cutting edge in business, you have to avoid doing painful experiments to arrive at the perfect and practical system. And that's where C-SOFT can be banked upon.

What to look for in the Client list of Software Vendor ?
What is so good about C-SOFT?

Capacity to meet your requirements
The Vendor should have well established, reputed clients matching with your organisation. The references given by the Vendor should include relevant important functionaries of the Business Houses, with names, contact numbers and years of association.

The long-term retainership - working with you as a part of your organization, C-SOFT in propelled into being committed day in and day out. It is in contrast with those vendors who can afford to be sluggish / negligent once they have delivered the software and recovered the hefty sum of money in one go.

The basis continuation of retainership lies in the excellence of performance and responsiveness of CSOFT and its Software. Implicitly, the retainership approach is a step towards 'performance guaranty'. Your success is our future.

As you go along, you will experience and appreciate the total commitment of CSOFT like our esteemed clients ( Sage, Random House, Vikas, Penguin, Ratna Sage, Roli, Walters Kluwer.. ). Dedication and total commitment of c-soft is also reflected from the fact that our 'helpful experts are available on MOBILES / Internet chats, SKYPE etc to provide any guidance that may be urgently needed. For customer care c-soft has devised web enabled infrastructure which provides instant data, software downloads / uploads, working notes and procedures/ descriptions and so on.

What other Business Houses are doing?

No one has time to burn fingers in experimentation nor time to keep on floating tenders or RFPs every now and then for some amendments or other requirements regarding help for users, training when a new user joins, support for data crashes and so on.

Large and Serious Organisations are treating this as a Continuous Service for Software and Systems which takes care of all such need and are opting for RETAINERSHIP concept.

Why C-SOFT'S System will cover all your needs now and forever whereas other software will sooner or later leave you dissatisfied?

C-SOFT's working philosophy is to join you as a part of 'your team', as an insider, who has broadened his shoulder to take care of all aspects on the basis of a long-term relationship. Hence C-SOFT can fine tune itself to the client organisation and participate in the planning for growth and respond to the needs most appropriately.

Other software vendors try to recover all the money by the time they deliver the software. At best they provide a very limited kind of Annual Maintenance Contract. There is no participatory approach as C-SOFT has.

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