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About Web and Multimedia

C-SOFT is a dedicated team of software professionals having vast experience in the field of Information Technology Solutions.

We specialize in Tailored Business Applications & Web Applications which results in a mini-ERP like system. Also we have expertise in Internet Services like Web Site Design, Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration and Flash Presentations. We also help to market your company/website by Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SMS Marketing, E-Brochures and Newsletters.

With our expertise giving the client total and in-depth control over the business, they have seen dramatic improvement in their efficiency, satisfaction and profitability. The investment in our software and services pays for itself in the very first year of operations. Our intention is to always empower the client with all the information that is needed at any point of time, instantly, so that the client can make most informed, intelligent and quick decisions.

• Over a decade of in-depth experience of working hand-in-hand with the most eminent names in the Publishing    Industry.

• Dedication, commitment, service and concern for the user which is vouched by the most pleasant and long    enduring relationship that we have with our clients.

• We cover all aspects of end-to-end computerization, as needed by Clients. Also our open-ended integrated /    standalone approach can cater to any exclusive requirement. System neither becomes obsolete nor would fall    short of your expectations and the client gets the maximum out of his computerizations.

• Rich library of Software developed and matured over a decade, implemented on State Of Art Systems.

• Experience of very extensive customization of Software to meet needs of most discerning and diverse customers    e.g., evens those dealing with multiple currencies and maintaining inventory in more than one price band.

• Expertise of Virtually Restructuring the Systems of Clients suffering from all kinds of Problems that crept in due to    use of poorly designed systems, some managing with packages meant purely for accounts etc and not meeting    the needs of their business.

• Most Practical, simple, initiative and easy to use systems and procedures have been evolved. The best-suited and    flexible workflows matching the exclusive style of functioning of the client can be easily implemented.

• Most economical to maintain: Software and Data of Upcountry Branches are being maintained without the    programmers / analysts with the help of C-SOFT's innovative methodology. Only the users and operators are    enough to take care of a few, to scores of machines spread at far flung areas.

• Exhaustive hands on Training and assistance to users.

• Unmatched service and 24*7 attitude.